Avail from us supreme quality of Elastomeric Seal Ring Socket Pipe. Our ESRC Pipes are made from Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride(uPVC). It is a versatile plastic having an excellent combination of strength, chemical inertness and fine resistance, which gives optimum performance at very low and very high temperatures.

The ESRC Pipes are widely popular in the market owing to their high durability and top class performance.

Product Range & Applications

Why Miraj Pipes ?

Leak Proof Joints

Miraj pipes and fittings provide an exceptional solution for your plumbing needs, seamlessly blending affordable pricing with innovative leak-proof joint technology. Making Miraj the optimal choice for efficient, leak-resistant, and cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Longer life and durability

Miraj pipes and fittings are celebrated for their extended lifespan and exceptional durability. Engineered for enduring performance, exemplify reliability in plumbing solutions, ensuring a sustained and steadfast service life. Explore the quality and longevity of Miraj pipes for your plumbing needs.

Low Bacterial Growth

Miraj pipes boast minimal bacterial growth, prioritizing hygiene and safety in plumbing solutions. Designed to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, Miraj ensures a clean and sanitary environment, making it a superior choice for health-conscious applications.

Economical, lightweight, easy to handle & install

Miraj pipes and fittings offer a superior solution for your plumbing needs, combining economical pricing with lightweight construction. Their user-friendly design ensures easy handling and hassle-free installation, making Miraj the ideal choice for efficient and cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Explore the specifics of the Elastomeric Ring Socket Pipes by downloading the technical manual.

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