Gas Pipe

MIRAJ offers a comprehensive range of Polyethylene (PE) Gas pipes, available in sizes up to 315mm, catering to the conveyance and distribution of Natural Gas, Vaporized LPG, and Industrial gases. MIRAJ Gas pipes are designed for easy handling and jointing, resulting in cost reduction.

These pipes feature outstanding attributes ensuring long-term system performance and minimal maintenance costs. Specifically designed for the Industrial and Utility markets, Miraj Gaseous Fuel Supply Pipes provide a reliable, corrosion-free, and leak-proof piping system for the transportation of gaseous fuel, backed by a proven track record of longevity and reliability in gas piping systems.

Product Range & Applications

Why Miraj Pipes ?

Economical, lightweight, easy to handle & install

Miraj pipes and fittings offer a superior solution for your plumbing needs, combining economical pricing with lightweight construction. Their user-friendly design ensures easy handling and hassle-free installation, making Miraj the ideal choice for efficient and cost-effective plumbing solutions.

Chemical resistant

Miraj pipes and fittings are meticulously engineered using corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring exceptional durability. With inherent anti-oxidant features for sustained structural integrity and chemical resistance, Miraj stands out as the preferred option for dependable and long-lasting plumbing solutions.

Explore the specifics of the Gas Pipes by downloading the technical manual.

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